12 Apr

HSPN is led by female nurses that are living openly with HIV in HIV mixed status marriages. These 2 warriors took a decision to mobilise more women across the country in 2020 and established a virtual safe space (support group) for women and girls living with HIV. The purpose of the group was to render non judgmental support and inspiration, encourage each other to remain on treatment, ensure  members are virally suppressed, and promote disclosure to sexual partners. These nurses dedicate their time to answer medical questions related to treatment initiation for newly diagnosed members, treatment switches for those with side effects or resistant to 1st line, interpreting blood results, encouraging members to demand Viral load blood taking and also insist on getting their blood results shared with them. Not a single member knew about U=U when the group was started, less than 60% knew when should their viral load bloods be taken, less than 50% knew their current viral load results and more than 40% had an undetectable viral load. To date the group has about 250 members, only 30% of the members disclosed their status to their sexual partners when the group was started, and now more than 60% have disclosed. Members are posting pictures of their viral load results in the group as soon as they get them from their Dr's and from the clinics, and more than 90% of the members have an undetectable viral loads. That is taken as a success and celebrated by all and is motivating everyone to adhere to treatment and to stay suppressed. 

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