Membership and partnership is free and open to all with the following restrictions.

Consider that your organisation is:

non-governmental organisation (NGO)
faith-based organisation
community-based organisation
national network
professional association

If you are a civil society organisation, we invite you to become a partner of HIV Survivors and Partners Network. Partnership is open to organisations working in the HIV sector as well as international networks and institutions active in the field of HIV/AIDS in South Africa and or Africa. Read more information about partnerships below.

Why become a member?

Membership enables you to get discounted:

Capacity Building opportunities (Training and Mentoring)
Equipment and tools required to deliver your HIV services
Peer led personalized IEC material with real life stories of PLWHIV for your campaigns
Demand creation campaigns

You also benefit from:
Exchange experiences with other NGO's
Present your concerns and priorities to key players at the Districts and National level
Join the Champions of Change virtual mentorship sessions

What does membership include?
As a member you will have access to:
regular e-newsletters on activities and forthcoming events
help in finding a partner for specific projects
resource material on our website
information in the Clearinghouse to share expertise and experiences

Commitment of members

We consider membership a two-way process. It enables you to share your best practices at the National and Regional level while at the same time you can learn from other experiences. Members contribute to and promote HSPN policies and programs in their countries. Membership means commitment for action.We welcome voluntary contributions, financial or in-kind, from members, as we depend on external support to enable the partnership to develop further.

Our partners are "first" and "second" sector organisations that are active in the field of HIV/AIDS in South Africa and/or Africa, including:

National and Regional networks
Governmental organisations
Global networks
International organisations
Private for profit organisations

Partnership enables you to:

Get more visibility with your partner profile on our website (to present your organisation and its work)
Having opportunities to connect to more than 400 civil society organisation in Africa
Referral hub for your clients to join HSPN peer led virtual support sessions
Opportunity to showcase your work on HSPN quarterly newsletter

If you represent a civil society organisation (non-governmental, faith-based, community-based, patient-based organisation or a professional association or national network) based in one of the African continent and active in the field of HIV/AIDS, you can register as a member of HSPN. Registered members will get a certificate endorsing the memberships with a unique code to use whenever they join sessions/request services

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