This program gives professional  nurses and nursing student (in their final year) an opportunity to shine and bring change in the health system. It also award them an opportunity to attend latest HIV courses so that they can be effective and efficient in their field. Upon completion of the modules or program, alumni will have an opportunity to mentor an organization of their choice closer to where they are and also form part of face to face or virtual discussion meetings to discuss barriers to care and develop improvement plans with an intention to mitigate all health systems challenges. Nursing is a diverse field only if one is open to opportunities presented and willing to learn. Through mentoring local organizations, one would definitely acquire experience making her or him employable to any NGO's locally and regionally. HSPN can write a letter of recommendation when required or be a reference. The same reference letters are key when one apply for scholarships/fellowships/conferences which HSPN is in a position to provide for any alumni.